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Civic Engagement

People engage to address an issue, work in the community to solve a problem or interact with the institutions of government. This is part of a social and political dynamic that moves between participation through volunteering to participation in political decisions and policies that affect their lives.

  • Unblurring the Boundaries? Volunteering and other forms of unpaid work

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    • Bridget Murphy Balmoral Show 2017 Show Guide (Results Volunteer)

      This was my fourth year volunteering at the Balmoral Show, having attended as a visitor at the Kings Hall over the years. My first experience of volunteering with Volunteer Now was at the Balmoral Show, coming from a farming background I loved the idea of working with animals and combining that with the customer service aspect which I carry out in my current job on a day to day basis.

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      My Life As A Volunteer!

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