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25 Sept - 6 Oct: Bounce! Arts Festival

Volunteer at Bounce! - the annual festival produced by the Arts and Disability Forum.

Bounce! showcases outstanding new creative work by skilled writers, directors, actors, dancers and musicians who are disabled/deaf. Though events are as disability/deaf accessible as possible, Bounce! is for everyone with an open mind, an appreciation of talent and a sense of humour. Expect new experiences and stories that are that little bit different.

View the programme of events at https://issuu.com/adf109/docs/bounce_2017_issuu_upload_only


Roles for volunteers include Gallery invigilators, Stewards, Evaluators, Artists' Support, Audience Support, Movers & Drivers, and Publicity Distributors.

More info on how to apply at: Bounce! 2017 Festival Volunteer

**Please apply for volunteer roles before 15 Sept**

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