Volunteer Now - Introduction to Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit

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Introduction to Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit

Measuring social impact from volunteering activities is vital. Volunteer involving organisations ability to make a 'value added', 'positive impact' for a community, on a shoe string, is how the Community Sector sets itself apart. This need to evidence worth is increasingly important as year on year public expenditure cuts are forecast.

Many volunteer involving organisations or volunteer led groups may not have the resources or time to carry out evaluation work which can detract from service delivery or front line work. However, the Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit is an inexpensive, tried and tested way for organisations of all sizes to evidence impact.

This recently reviewed toolkit enables organisations to assess the impact of volunteering on key stakeholders - the volunteers, the organisation, the beneficiaries, and the broader community. Organisations will be able to use it to assess a wide range of impacts, from the skills development of volunteers to the economic value of involving volunteers.

The toolkit provides information on:

  • The different impacts that can be measured;
  • The range of stakeholders that can be included;
  • Provides a series of adaptable research tools;
  • Guidelines on research design, data collection and analysis;
  • How to access further support for research design, data collection and analysis.

The information gathered from the toolkit can:

  • Give your application the edge when looking for funding;
  • Inform policy and practice development;
  • Motivate existing volunteers and staff;
  • Attract new volunteers;
  • Showcase the benefits of volunteering to the public.

The toolkit has been successfully used by a number of organisations in Northern Ireland, including the Belfast City Council, the Transport Buddy Scheme of the British Red Cross and projects within the Millennium Volunteer Programme.

‘’The report has been very useful to our scheme in this time of funding difficulties.  It has formed an important part of the continuation funding bid we have made to our local Trust. It has also been an excellent stand alone asset for the scheme, providing added value in the form of volunteer esteem and a sense of being a part of a team that is making differences to the lives of children.’’ Home Start Antrim Jan 2013

Volunteer Now has an exclusive licence from NCVO (formerly Volunteering England) to promote the Toolkit across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and to offer support through workshop training and mentoring. Please note, a copy of the Toolkit is included in the cost of the Training Day delivered by Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd.

Getting a Copy of the Toolkit
The Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit is available to purchase directly from NCVO as a 55 page PDF document for 50 plus VAT (35 plus VAT for NCVO members). This price also gives you access to a downloadable resource pack which includes all of the tools and additional resources.