Volunteer Now - Keeping Children Safe: Our Duty to Care

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Keeping Children Safe: Our Duty to Care

Keeping Children Safe: Our Duty to Care - Standards and Guidance Safeguarding Children and Young People


This publication contains the standards and guidance for good practice in working with children and young people.  All organisations have a responsibility to ensure that children and young people are protected and this publication will help your organisation to do this! 

The publication contains 7 sections each containing a standard and supporting guidance and resource materials:

Section 1: Developing a Safeguarding Policy and Procedures  

Section 2: Recruitment and Selection of Staff and Volunteers

Section 3: Effective Management of Staff and Volunteers

Section 4: Recognising and Reporting Concerns

Section 5: Developing a Code of Behaviour

Section 6: Management of Records and Sharing of Information

Section 7: General Safety and Management of information

The publication also contains a self-assessment checklist to help your organisation assess where it is in relation to each of the 7 safeguarding standards. The checklist will help your organisation identify criteria which are already being met and those that require further development.

Click here to download the full document.