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I volunteer because I just love it!

I volunteer with the SunflowerFest near Hillsborough, a music Festival which takes place in August each year but have also been involved with other events for the past few years.

My volunteering at SunflowerFest involves greeting artists and traders and making sure they get all their passes and know where they’re going. I answer any questions they have and make sure everyone is happy.

I was inspired to get involved in this role by a friend of mine who asked if I could help out so I checked  the website. Lots of local bands, lots of stuff to do and it's on a farm! I thought it sounded really cool and jumped at the chance. I’ve been doing front of house duties for a few years at other festivals and events but it was my first chance to do a bit of artist liaison. It was too hard to say no! Plus the perks! Volunteers get free camping - I’m not the camping type but that is definitely appreciated - food vouchers and the chance to check out the rest of the festival when your shift is finished.

My role definitely requires me to be talkative as you have to talk to so many people and answer lots of questions.  A good memory too, is useful, as there’s nothing worse than being asked a question and not knowing the answer. Or I could be really organised and always have all the information written down and with me!

I volunteer because I just love it. I always enjoy myself volunteering. I love music and if I can help out to make things run smoothly then I’m there.

The best part is getting to see all the volunteers from the previous times come back again. It seems like everyone who volunteers is a really awesome person and it's so much fun getting everyone together again. And when everything goes right, it just seems perfect.

Why would you I encourage others to get involved? IT'S FUN! Seriously I plan my holidays from work around volunteering. Plus you’re helping a local event go smoothly. So many festivals rely on volunteers to keep them going.

I’ve made great friends through volunteering. I’ve even met some of my favourite artists. You never know who you’ll bump into!

Don’t worry if you can’t do something or you’re worried that you might do something wrong. Its not the end of the world, it will get sorted and you’ll know what to do differently next time. Most importantly- enjoy it! If you’re having a good time it will rub off on others. Everyone’s happy and everything will go well.

Aine McKerr