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Marie Mc Gowan NI Chest Heart & Stroke

My Life As A Volunteer!

I felt that my whole world around me had collapsed, that I was worthless and alone. Two good friends who have been volunteering with NICHS for years came to see me. They could see that I was feeling pretty low.

They knew that I was a very determined person and I told them that I needed to get involved with something.

They both suggested that I volunteer and I first went along in September 2004.

I wasn’t there long until Noelene found me a “job” and I got on well with the clients. However bad I feel, even now on my worst day, there are many clients who are clearly in a worse position than me.

I love being a volunteer as I feel that I am giving something back. There are no freebies in this life and being a volunteer adds an extra dimension to my busy life.

It was also lovely to be described as being a “breath of fresh air” by Noelene.