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Jim Nash - NI Chest Heart & Stroke

Jim Nash suffered a stroke in December 2002. At the time he was considered as a “high flyer" employed by Du Pont as a senior manager, travelling the world setting up computer and IT infrastructure for the company.  Following the stoke Jim was in a coma for 5 weeks and found himself hospitalised for over 7 months.

In the early days, he could not speak and was wheelchair bound, relying on others for basic needs. He was introduced to NI Chest Heart & Stroke in 2003. Mona Duddy met with Jim in his home and provided him with information on the services provided in the Foyle Area. He started to attend the Foyle Stroke Group and quickly became integrated into the life of the group. With education, training, opportunities to develop new and existing abilities and interacting with others in similar circumstances, his feelings of self esteem and self confidence improved.

Eventually, Jim decided he would like to become a volunteer with NI Chest Heart & Stroke as part of his journey towards recovery. With further support and assistance Jim has, from time to time, in addition to his volunteer role, represented other survivors at meetings at Stormont and in the media.

Commenting on his journey, Jim says “When I got involved with NICHS I quickly realised that there were many clients in the group who were worse than me, wheel chair users, some who could not speak, some with little mobility and I approach every day with 'my glass always half full'. This is important in everything I do and I thank NICHS for the help, support and opportunities which have helped to make my life better”.