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Create a Timebank

  • Generate community spirit

  • Offer practical support to residents

  • Promote healthy lifestyles

  • Reducs anti social behaviour

  • Increase skills and confidence of local people by promoting self worth

  • Offer support to local community and voluntary groups

  • Improve intergenerational relationships.

First step: contact us!

Click to register to the next training session for settle a Timebank. We would love to hear and support your ideas for a timebank. These sessions will take place at Volunteer Now office, 54 Shaftesbury Square in Belfast on the:

> 18th June 2014
> 2nd October 2014
> 10th December 2014

Volunteer Now provides advice and guidance on the best practices required developing a timebank locally and we are here to accompany the process in all these steps:

-- Recruiting and registering new members
-- Supporting members
-- Developing the Timebank
-- Insurance and legal requirements
-- Developing partnerships and Projects
-- Sustainability

Second step: definite your Timebank

Each Timebank is unique to the skills, assets and needs of its members It reflects who they are, the dreams they have for their community, and what they choose to offer and receive. To start a Timebank you need to think about the needs in your community and what a Timebank could bring you. To help, a few broad ‘types’ of Timebank include:

Organisation to Organisation: This involves ‘member’ organisations exchanging resources such as meeting spaces, access to transport and expertise in particular areas of work etc. Volunteer Now handle an Organisation to Organisation TB accross Northern Ireland.
> To know more go to: Organisation? Become a member.

Person to Person: This may be set in a local area where members of the community can share and exchange skills and experiences to help each other and build community cohesion.

Individual to Organisation: In partnership with public and volunteer organisations people receive time credits for contributing to their community and are able to access goods and services such as: entrance toleisure centre, museum, cinema and theatre…

> Exemple: the circle of sharing.

Learn from the current Timebanks

Timebanks were established in America in 1980 and are now operational across 40 countries. This settling gives us the chance to be aware of the advantages of this movement.
> Click to read more.

Volunteer Now work to promote the movement in Northern Ireland since 2010. Nowadays, 10 Timebank operates across the region. Target to their communities they highlight the various way to use Timebanking.

> Discover the testimonies of timebank members through this video about the Lighthouse Centre Timebank
> See the testimonies of the organisers of these Timebanks in our Facebook page.

Timebank Northern Ireland
The representatives of the current Timebanks in Northern Ireland


Insurance: Timebank should ensure their members are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. If your organisation or group already has insurance check if Timebanking is covered under your community development activities.

We have had a number of queries regarding individual Timebank responsibility regarding safeguarding children and vulnerable adults who  may participate or be beneficiaries of services offered my Timebank members. For further information on this place click on the access NI link below.

Each Timebank has a system which monitors member giving and receiving. You have three solutions to process to the account of the hours:

  1. Pen and paper or an excel sheet are also equally viable ways of keeping track of time bank activity, especially when membership is small.
  2. Time Bank UK provides software forrecording details of members of a Time Bank and their credit balance called ‘Time Online’. You must pay a fee in order to get access to this system. The minimum fee is 100; this can increase to 500 for Time Banks which have 500members or more.
  3. We will offer soon to each Timebank in Northern Ireland a place in the new website of Timebanking in Northern Ireland. For free, you will be able to register your members, make the account of the hours, have a wide visibility and promote your TB.

 Communicate with your members or future members, tools:
-- Information leaflet TB.
-- Membership Application Form;
-- Handbook of the member;
-- Time Card;
-- Information leaflet template;

To keep in contact with the news of the movement, sign up to our quarterly newsletter and like our Facebook page.

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