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Organisation? Become a Member

  • Promotes equality
  • Minimise any unused capacity in your organisation
  • Enable your organisation to access additional skills and resources
  • Increase and improve collaboration between organisations
  • Save your organisation money

Join an Organisation to Organisation Timebank

To become a member contact Volunteer Now.
Phone: 078 5085 1834 or email: timebanking@volunteernow.co.uk

How it’s work? In 3 steps…

  1. When members join they provide details of the skills and expertise they would like to share and details of activities that they would like to avail of.
  2. Then, the Timebroker will meet with representatives from your organisation to gain an insight into how the Timebank can best support your organisation and how your organisation is best placed to help other groups across the community.
  3. Volunteer Now will contact your organisation when a suitable match can be made. You decide when an exchange is right for you.

>>To know more : Right and responsibilities, insurance and  principle of Membership 

What kind of sharing

The services offered will vary depending on the skills and resources offered and requested by its members.
Some examples of the exchanges are:

-Facilities-Meeting space-Staff knowledge-Best practice
-Administration-Accounting-Tax Advice-Facilitation


Sharing staff time:-For a one off event  
 -For a specific piece of work  
Sharing expertise:-Risk assessment and information  
 -Marketing and promotion-Developing evaluation frameworks 
 -Completing funding applications-Information Technologies (I.T.) 
 -Developing financial management systems-Policy development and review 


>>Upload: the leaflet of the services and resources exchanges.

Zoom in the advantages for your organisation

Organisation Timebank

It promotes equality
An hour equals an hour, the same rules apply to everyone – this gives everyone access to the same resources, networks and opportunities as well as enabling all to contribute. Not everyone may wish to utilise the resource in the same way but access to opportunity is important.

It saves money
At a time when we can’t pay for new ‘stuff’ we should be using the ‘stuff’ we have in more creative ways. Timebanking offers a multiplier effect – a means of exchange that works with abundance, not scarcity, recognising the value of all contributions.

New relationships
By exchanging assets with people and organisations, individuals are meeting new people, learning new skills, forging new relationships, helping to build new networks and develop exciting new opportunities.

Timebanking across organisations provides a positive mechanism for organisations to engage with others and provides an easy platform to enable the development of partnerships and shared opportunities.

People can! The power to make changes in communities rests with people, people that our organisations represent or support. General Timebanks create an environment for this to happen, for people to co-design services that they are a part of. By creating opportunities for everyone to contribute, participate and take, we are at the forefront of developing a  new infrastructure service.

A project in development - together we are stronger …

If you would like set up a Timebank we would love to help. Click to create your Timebank.

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