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It’s certainly challenging times and thank you for your interest in giving your time to make a difference to someone affected or impacted by the Corona Virus.

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We are seeking volunteers to join the volunteer team that will support those most in need throughout the lifetime of this crisis.  Please note that we may not have an opportunity for you just yet, but please be patient as organisations will need volunteers as the time goes on.

You will be asked to create a profile and once done, we will be able to send opportunities to you or the system will highlight relevant Covid-19 opportunities that you may be interested in.  In the meantime, you will be notified of other opportunities that meet the causes and skills that you have registered in your profile.

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Please partner with Volunteer Now and share your opportunity with us so we can help to promote it widely and also with those registered directly with us.

For ‘How to’ guides and staff contacts, please click here.

Good Practice Guidance

It is important to remember that you need to keep yourself, those who you support and the organisations you volunteer with safe.  Volunteer Now have published information sheets for more guidance when involving volunteers and volunteering during the Coronavirus crisis.  They are listed below.

To view all our Good Practice Guidance (COVID-19), click here.

View the latest Covid-19 guidelines from:


FREE Online Training

Keeping Adults Safe: See Something, Say Something  –  This session is suitable for staff and volunteers who may have some interface with adults at risk of harm but who do not work closely with them, to introduce them to adult safeguarding issues. *This is a Key Course for volunteers taking part in our #HelpEachOther Campaign and it is also suitable for the general public who may have concerns about their family, friends or neighbours.  Register here.

Involving Volunteers in Response to COVID-19 (Webinar)  –  Volunteer Now has partnered with NICVA to deliver this essential learning on how to put best practice in place for involving volunteers safely in such challenging times.  Covid-19 has highlighted across the world how important volunteering is.  Volunteers are bringing amazing support to those ‘most at risk’ in our communities and more and more people are stepping up in terms of getting involved and offering help.  However we need to ensure safe methods and systems to protect everyone.  *This webinar is now fully booked but you can add your name to a reserve list here https://www.nicva.org/event/involving-volunteers-in-response-to-covid-19-online-fully-booked-reserve-list-only


If you have any queries, please email: info@volunteernow.co.uk

Thank you!

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