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FREE Capacity Building Training Courses in Belfast City Council Area

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FREE Capacity Building Training Courses in Belfast City Council Area

Volunteer Now are delivering a range of FREE capacity building training courses to groups based in the Belfast City Council area.  Each course is being delivered face-to-face and online – please choose the one which suits you.

The Code of Good Governance Healthcheck

This governance healthcheck is a self assessment tool which has been devised as a practical resource to assist committees/boards to work towards adhering to the principles of the Code of Good Governance.

The aim of this healthcheck questionnaire is to help committees/boards to review their governance arrangements, check that they have appropriate systems in place and identify areas where they could improve.  It is a best practice tool – it is not mandatory.  However, this resource can also help committees/boards of any size to demonstrate their good governance practices to their stakeholders, beneficiaries and funders alike.

Face-to-Face:  7 September 2022  |  10am-12pm
Online:  11 October 2022  |  10am-12pm

Leading The Way – Governance

This session is aimed at both current committee members, as well as those who are seeking to join a committee for the first time.  By the end of this session, participants will gain an introduction to:

  • The Code of Good Governance
  • The DIY Committee Guide
  • Roles and responsibilities of Trustees
  • Building skills in the Committee
  • Support for Staff and Volunteers
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding

Face-to-Face:  Wednesday 28 September 2022  |  10am-12pm

Online:  25 October 2022  |  10am-12pm

Managing Change

Managing change is now a guaranteed part of any manager’s job.  Whether you are managing change at a day to day operational level or implementing it at a strategic level—change needs managed.  This master class looks at the theory of managing change and how to put it into practice in such a way to keep volunteers motivated.  Using case studies and own examples, participants will start to plan for managing change in their own organisation.  By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the change process in organisations
  • Outline the characteristics of good leadership

Online:  21 November 2022  |  10am-12pm

Risk Management

This session will explore why we need to assess risk when developing volunteer roles and how volunteer managers can implement this process within their volunteer programme.

Face-to-Face:  18 October 2022  |  10am-12pm
Online:  14 November 2022  |  10am-12pm

The New Environment: Recruit, Retain, Reward Volunteers

As we move through the road map out of restrictions and head towards post pandemic, we understand volunteering has changed for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.  This short session will look at volunteering and what the future holds in terms of recruitment, retention and recognition.

Face-to-Face:  17 November 2022  |  10am-12pm

Digital Inclusion

This session is about working with communities to address issues of opportunity, access, knowledge and skill in relation to using technology, and in particular, the internet.

Online:  6 December 2022  |  10am-12pm

Sign up for any of the sessions now by emailing, stating which date suits you.

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