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Volunteer Wellbeing: What Works and Who Benefits?

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Volunteer Wellbeing: What Works and Who Benefits?

How does volunteering affect our wellbeing?

What Works Wellbeing have published a new review, co-published with Spirit of 2012, and in partnership with the Institute of Volunteer Research.

Volunteer Wellbeing: What Works and Who Benefits will help groups, clubs, and organisations to design and develop their volunteering programmes with wellbeing in mind.  This briefing summarises the findings from a rapid evidence assessment (REA) exploring what we currently know about the impacts of volunteering on the wellbeing of volunteers aged 16 and over.

Denise Hayward, CEO Volunteer Now says:

“I welcome the review of research about wellbeing and the practical recommendations flowing from it.  It is clear there is a link between people volunteering and a positive impact on their wellbeing.”

Most people in Great Britain – around seven in ten – formally volunteer through a group, club or organisation at some point in their lives.  Currently, one in five people volunteer at least once a month and most get involved locally in their own neighbourhoods.  Many more give their time in more informal ways in communities, for example, shopping or caring for neighbours.

Volunteers offer invaluable support.  But how can volunteering help support the wellbeing of volunteers themselves?

There is a growing body of research on the links between volunteering and wellbeing, and What Works Wellbeing’s review brought the most relevant studies together in one place.  They focused on the experience of adult formal volunteers, and looked at the key factors involved in improving wellbeing through volunteering.

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