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Sadia Biswas, BHSCT

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Sadia Biswas, BHSCT

I am happy to say that my experience of volunteering at the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust is simply rewarding.  I am a student who wanted to do some volunteering with the purpose of gaining hospital ward-setting experience and helping others along the way.  However what I found out was that you end up gaining more than you actually gave in the first place.

My experience has been that volunteering is all about connecting with people and with your community.  But it’s also about discovering yourself, because it teaches you many things that can’t be learnt from student books.

One of the most important things I have learnt while volunteering is the value of time.  Being a teenager, I have more than enough time available to give to others and volunteering only makes that time more meaningful and worthwhile.

Volunteering is no small role.  It is a responsibility you sign up for to make others smile.  Even the smallest difference you can make by helping others, without having the intention of receiving anything back, can make you a better person.

I found out about volunteering in the BHSCT through a friend.  I’m very grateful that there are such amazing opportunities made available to us, where we can feel involved in being part of an organisation which promotes goodness and aims to improve the quality of life of others.

My journey as a volunteer at the Belfast City Hospital has only started, and I’m eagerly excited for what lies ahead.

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