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Belfast Office

Senior Management Team

Denise Hayward

Chief Executive

E: denise.hayward@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851814

Nicole Gorman

PA to Chief Executive

E: nicole.gorman@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Sandra Adair

Director of Operations

E: sandra.adair@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8807

Community Engagement Team

Jane Gribbin

Manager Community Engagement

E: jane.gribbin@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851825

Antje Otto

Community Engagement Officer

E: antje.otto@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 910606

Lorraine Smyth

Community Engagement Officer

E: lorraine.smyth@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8814

Julie Cusick

Communications Officer

E: julie.cusick@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8811

Lynne Jardine

Outreach Support Officer

E: lynne.jardine@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Andrew Hanna

Volunteering Support Officer

E: andrew.hanna@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Nicola Reid

Youth Engagement Officer

E: nicola.reid@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851812

Jamie Greer

Project Coordinator - Be Collective

E: jamie.greer@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8809

Blessed Ephraim

EVS Volunteer

E: blessed.ephraim@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Lucyle Poinot

EVS Volunteer

E: lucyle.poinot@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Community Projects Team

Lindsay Armstrong

Manager Community Projects

E: lindsay.armstrong@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851818

Lauren Harrison

Project Officer

E: lauren.harrison@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8802

Deirdre Murphy

Project Officer

E: deirdre.murphy@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8805

M: 07876 224185

Victoria O'Neill

Project Officer

E: victoria.o'neill@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8816

Judith Ming

Volunteer Transport Officer

E: judith.parr@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9145 7916

Safeguarding Team

Ruth Mulholland

Manager Safeguarding

E: ruth.mulholland@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07871 174853

Helen Beggs

Training & Development Officer

E: helen.beggs@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851830

Roisin Timlin

Training & Development Officer

E: roisin.timlin@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851834

Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd

George Gillespie

Manager Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd

E: george.gillespie@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

M: 07850 851827

Fiona Nicol

Training & Development Officer

E: fiona.nicol@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Julie-Ann Ashe

Promotions Assistant

E: julie-ann.ashe@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Corporate Services Team

Kelli Cleland

Manager Corporate Services

E: kelli.cleland@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Ciara Smyth

Senior Finance Officer

E: ciara.smyth@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Leah McCann

Office Administrator

E: leah.mccann@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Kathy Corbett

Administration Officer

E: kathy.corbett@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Sandra Faulkner

Administration Officer

E: sandra.faulkner@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Pamela Higgins

Receptionist / Administration Officer

E: pamela.higgins@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Enniskillen Office

Gavin Connolly

Youth Engagement Officer

E: gavin.connolly@volunteernow.co.uk

M: 07850 851824

Lynn Johnston

Volunteering Support Officer

E: lynn.johnston@volunteernow.co.uk

M: 07467 486638

Antrim Office

Niamh Young

Community Engagement Officer

E: niamh.young@volunteernow.co.uk

M: 07850 851810

Wenda Gray

Volunteering Support Officer

E: wenda.gray@volunteernow.co.uk

M: 07884 435955

Lynne Jardine

Outreach Support Officer

E: lynne.jardine@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9023 2020

Newry Office

Edel Cunningham

Volunteering Support Officer

E: Edel_cunningham@volunteernow.co.uk

M: 07850 851821

Clara O'Callaghan

Volunteering Support Officer

E: clara.o'callaghan@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 9620 8822

Raquel Rodrigues Keenan

Events Officer

E: raquel.rodrigues.keenan@volunteernow.co.uk

T: 028 3026 2037

M: 07850 851816

Maternity Leave

Latest News

FREE Online Course: See Something, Say Something

2 April 2020

Our FREE online safeguarding course – See Something, Say Something is a key course for volunteers taking part in our #HelpEachOther campaign and is also suitable for the general public who may have concerns about their family, friends or neighbours. Click here to find out more and to register.

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FREE Webinar: Involving Volunteers in Response to COVID-19

31 March 2020

Volunteer Now has partnered with NICVA to deliver this essential learning on how to put best practice in place for involving volunteers safely in such challenging times.  Covid-19 has highlighted across the world how important volunteering is.  Volunteers are bringing amazing support to those ‘most at risk’ in our communities and more and more people […]

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Support the Challenge: #HelpEachOther

26 March 2020

In these uncertain and challenging times Volunteer Now has launched a new online campaign #HelpEachOther to support those who wish to volunteer for COVID-19 related opportunities and also for those organisations which require the support of volunteers to deliver their services to those who need it most. If you are interested in volunteering please visit our […]

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Information Resources Related to Covid-19

26 March 2020

Volunteer Now have published some information sheets for more guidance when involving volunteers and volunteering during the Coronavirus crisis. Informal Volunteering in Response to Covid-19 – Keeping Yourself and Others Safe Good Practice Guidelines for Volunteers When Volunteering for a Covid-19 Opportunity Good Practice Considerations for Groups Involving Volunteers in Response to Covid-19 Sample Risk […]

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