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Do you involve young volunteers, or would you like to?  Volunteer Now is committed to encouraging volunteer involving organisations to include young people as volunteers in supported, quality and meaningful roles.

Research tells us that:

  • The younger they begin to volunteer the longer they are likely to commit.
  • If they have a positive volunteering experience when they are young, then they are more likely to volunteer in the future
  • Young people bring a different degree of energy, skills and knowledge with them as they volunteer and add immense value to an organisation if they are in the right role for their skills.

Volunteer Now provides training to support your practice and the Millennium Volunteers programme to recognise your young volunteers for their commitment.

Millennium Volunteers

You won’t believe what you can do!

Millennium Volunteers (MV) is a programme funded by the Education Authority and supported by the Department of Education.  It gives you the opportunity to recognise your young volunteers for their commitment, the roles that they undertake and the skills they have gained.

Key information:

  • It is available for young people aged between 11 and 25 years
  • A range of certificates are available to recognise their commitment which can be ordered at any time (apart from 200 Hour Award of Excellence and Ultimate)
  • It is free!
  • Young people receive a record book to record their hours, roles and skills gained
  • They can include ALL the organisations they volunteer for – not just with you – so that everyone knows the extent of their volunteering, commitment and qualities.
  • We prepare certificates and will send them to you for presentation

MV GoldMark

We also encourage and support the governing bodies of SPORT to recognise their young volunteers.  This is known as the MV GoldMark programme and local sporting bodies must go through their governing bodies of sport to receive recognition for their young volunteers.

If you would like to become a MV Partner please complete the expression of interest form- click here.

 For a copy of the delivery partner agreement click here.

Click here for a list of the organisations registered with us.

Additional Guidance for Delivery of the Programme:

Guidance on how to complete the record book – here.

Additional sections of the record book:


Nicola and Gavin are here to support youth volunteering within Volunteer Now.  If you would like any support, please contact:

There are a range of training programmes available for organisations who include young volunteers.  Visit Training for further information.

Improving Practice

Volunteer Now is committed to supporting organisations to improve their practice.  We know that if we involve young people in high quality volunteering opportunities that enable them to recognise the impact that they have had on others (and themselves) that they are more likely to volunteer in the future.  In a recent survey of young people who received their 200 Hour Award 92% said that they volunteered to make a difference!

The recruitment of young volunteers to the right roles, regular support and supervision, training (if relevant), recognition, the opportunity to meet new people and a little bit of fun goes a long way to inspiring that sense of wellbeing and impact amongst those willing to give their time.

Volunteer Now’s youth team can support you develop and improve your practice.  A ‘health check’ that follows the Investing in Volunteers standard is a good place to start and we can also provide additional support and guidance.

To arrange a meeting with either Gavin or Nicola please email:

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